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Kentucky, Here We Come! December 8, 2010

Posted by buasbhorsecaveky in About the Trip.
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Hello Future ASBers!

We are busy preparing for our awesome trip to Horse Cave, Kentucky! In our preparations, we’ve come across a lot of interesting things about our issue area and the American Cave Conservation Association (ACCA), who we will be working with!

The American Cave Conservation Association was started in 1978, and their main components are museums, educational programs and projects and assistance. During spring break, we will be helping to care for caves and karstlands. What are karstlands? Karstland is the general term for the lands in which these caves are found. Other features of karstlands include sinkholes, sinking streams and springs.  Approximately 20% of the United States is karst. Why are they important? In karst, the surface and the subsurface are intimately connected; cave and groundwater resources cannot be widely used without careful land use of the surface. Simply put, clean caves and karst equal clean water. Therefore, our job will be to make sure that these areas are clean and safe for human and animal use. You can use the link on the side of the page for more information on ACCA.

So what exactly will we be doing? Here’s the rough outline we received from our amazing site-contact Peggy:

Sunday, March 13: Arrive in KY!

Monday, March 14: Barren County Sinkhole cleanup
Tuesday, March 15: Barren County Sinkhole Cleanup
Wednesday, March 16: Mammoth Cave National Park. Survey of caves within the national park.
Thursday, March 17: Mammoth Cave National Park.  Removal of invasive species (morning).  Ecology cave tour with Rick Olson (afternoon).
Friday, March 18: Cleanup & Restoration work in Horse Cave (morning).  Ecology tour at Hidden River Cave (afternoon)
Pizza Party at Snappy’s.

We’re also working on doing a lot of really awesome things in the area for fun. We’ll let you know more when details become more concrete!

And last but not least, here’s an update on the weather in the Kentucky area:

Temp: 29 degrees

Weather: Partly cloudy

In the spring, the average temperature is: 60 degrees high, 36 degrees low.

And here’s a reminder from Peggy about the weather: The weather in Kentucky changes from minute to minute! Thus, dress in layers and bring rain gear. Since we will be working on uneven terrain, everyone needs to wear good hiking boots (Salvation Army stores are great places to shop for these items); clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty & muddy; leather gloves.

Can’t wait to share this awesome experience with all of you! Have a great Winter Break!

-Abby and Kirzia